GALE - Download


The following GALE packages are available:

version 1.2.3

version 1.1.0

version 1.0.1

version 1.2-SNAPSHOT

GALE can be combined with the GRAPPLE Authoring Tools (GAT). They provide a graphical interface for the creation of adaptive courses and applications.


GALE requires a JDK >= 1.6 ( and Tomcat >= 6.0 ( Don't use the Tomcat Windows service installer or any of the installers that come with a linux distribution, as we have experienced problems using it in combination with GALE. Download the .zip or .tar.gz version. Refer to the Tomcat documentation on installing .war files. For an easy installation, copy the .war files to your tomcat/webapps directory.

Out of the box GALE is available on http://localhost:8080/gale and GAT on http://localhost:8080/gat. If you changed the Tomcat port or want to make GAT/GALE available remotely, additional configuration is required. The files that need changing are located in your tomcat/webapps directory:

After the changes you have to restart Tomcat and you might have to clear your browser's cache to make it load the new Flash GAT client.